This convention isn’t just efficient. It’s award-worthy television.

For your Emmy consideration: The Democratic National Convention. Seriously, Wednesday night was far and away the best full evening of political television I have ever witnessed. What elevated it was the sublime integration of image and language, conviction and emotion: a production that knew exactly what story it wanted to tell and how to use the tools of electronic persuasion to tell it. Americans are watching this week the metamorphosis of a cornerstone of the presidential campaign. A pandemic triggered the transformation, but I suspect that some vital portions of what the Democrats are experimenting with in this inaugural virtual “convention” will be adopted in the quadrennial gatherings to come. Because the two-hour prime-time show, hosted by actress Kerry Washington, successfully completed that most difficult of political assignments: It located the drama in the problems of everyday people, and it found party luminaries who could lend eloquent elucidations of possible solutions. Continue reading here.

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