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Televised Live Events

RK Productions brings the highest level of expertise, creativity, and passion to producing both televised and non-televised live events.​

Ricky Kirshner has produced the Opening Kickoff show for the National Football League from 2005 to 2020. 

Kirshner has also produced the Emmy Nominated Kennedy Center Honors for the last 7 years honoring such stars as Cher, Garth Brooks, Carole King and many others, as well as the EMMY Nominated “Night of Too Many Stars” Hosted by Jon Stewart.  He has also been the Producer of many of the most watched and critically acclaimed LIVE TV Shows over the past 2 decades.


Kennedy Center Honors

Night of Too Many Stars

NFL Kickoff in Baltimore, MD

NFL Kickoff in Rockefeller Plaza, NYC

NFL Kickoff in Green Bay, WI