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Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Since 2007, Mr. Kirshner has been the Executive Producer of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. As executive producer of this landmark event, he has brought audiences some of TV’s most memorable moments including the Halftime shows of Prince, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Madonna, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Coldplay, and Lady Gaga, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Each Super Bowl Halftime show takes 6 months to prepare. RKP handles everything from design, music, and lighting to special effects and camera cuts. All of these elements are meticulously planned so that each show can be set up flawlessly in less than 8 minutes, often with no second to spare. It is this kind of planning and attention to detail that RKP brings to its events – big and small.

Superbowl Halftime Show
Tony Awards

Ricky Kirshner has been part of the Tony Awards Production team since 1993 and the Executive Producer since 2004. Under his leadership, the show has earned 14 Emmy Award Program Nominations and enjoyed 9 wins as the best TV Special of its kind. Mr. Kirshner is proud of the Tony Awards reputation as one of the most prestigious and well-reviewed Award Shows on TV. It is this high caliber of expertise that RKP will bring to your event.

Tony Awards
Democratic National Convention

     Since 1992, RK Productions (RKP) has delivered the Democratic National Convention – an event where 5,000 delegates gather to nominate their presidential candidate, and as many as 30,000 people a day attend. For this large-scale and complex event, RKP is responsible not only for all production elements including design, staging, lighting, audio, projection, video roll-ins, and more; but RKP also interfaces with all major news networks to insure the best coverage and greatest media impact. 

     In 2020, he was asked to re-invent the Democratic Convention during a Pandemic. The Event shifted over the year from a 15,000 person gathering to what turned out to be a ”Virtual Convention”. With teams spread out in over 5 Locations and 4 Cities, Kirshner Events staged a hugely successful Event, with the final structure only decided within the last 10 days. 

Democratic National Convention
Presidential Inaugurals

After Producing the Virtual Democratic Convention during the pandemic, President Biden’s team asked Kirshner to be the Executive Producer of the 2021 Inaugural Events.  RKP produced the Virtual Parade Across America which had participants from all 50 States.  He Produced the COVID Memorial at the Reflecting Pool. On the night of the inauguration, Kirshner was the Executive Producer of Celebrating America.  This Inauguration Special, hosted by Tom Hanks was Produced Live from the Lincoln Memorial and featured Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, John Legend and many others with appearances by the President and Vice President.  All of these events were produced by our team with less than 6 weeks to prepare.

Presidential Inaugurals
Corporate Conventions / Meetings

     When the International Brotherhood of Teamsters brings 8,000 people together in Las Vegas for 4 days, RK Productions is there to provide all of the necessary production elements – and then some. In 2021, based on RKP’s success Producing the DNC, the IBT Convention became a virtual production.  Anchored in Washington DC, the 3 Day Event was produced Live each day with 1,500 delegates participating via Live Feeds and apps that allowed them to view the presentation and link in live with comments and vote on resolutions.​

     In 2013, Target partnered with RK Productions to take the annual Target Fall National Meeting to a new level. Together, they flawlessly executed a show that highlighted each executive speaker and their messaging, in addition to producing television-worthy live performances by Target’s music partners Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, The Band Perry, and Luke Bryan.  

Corporate Conventions/Meetings
Televised Live Events

     RK Productions brings the highest level of expertise, creativity, and passion to producing both televised and non-televised live events.​

Ricky Kirshner has produced the Opening Kickoff show for the National Football League from 2005 to 2020. 

     Kirshner has also produced the Kennedy Center Honors for the last 7 years as well as the EMMY Nominated “Night of Too Many Stars” Hosted by Jon Stewart.

Televised live events
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