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Ricky Kirshner on What It’s Like to Produce the Halftime Show for a 12th Time

Ricky Kirshner — who has spearheaded every halftime show since 2007 (with Prince) — reveals the biggest challenge of his job and speculates on whether ‘N Sync might be joining Justin Timberlake onstage this Sunday.

Ricky Kirshner can’t rattle off statistics about his résumé. That’s just not how his brain works.Like, if you were to ask how many Emmy Awards he has on his shelf? Who knows. What about DGA trophies? Not sure. Seriously, though, how many times has he seen his name paired with Super Bowl Halftime Show as an executive producer? The number is not important. “There are some things that don’t matter,” Kirshner casually explains to The Hollywood Reporter over the phone from a Manhattan sidewalk. “Those are just numbers. What matters is the experience. The experience is the experience.”

It’s easy to say when you’ve got so much of it.

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